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Notes on Islamic Theology Intro to Islam 2Q03.docx

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Religious Studies
Liyakat Takim

Started on: 10/22/2013 2:03:00 PM Last saved on: 11/10/2013 6:27:00 PM T UTORIAL N OTES FOR : 2Q03 McMaster University, Fall 2013 T UESDAY , O CTOBER 22, 2013 Islamic Theology Traditionalism- (Ahl-Hadith) Rationalism (Mutazila) - Transmitted Sciences - Rational Sciences - E.G HADITH - Everything else - “Structural” point of view - From outside of a religious tradition; - Reflects the reading of the text; - Reason comes into play - How to understand those things which are transmitted in the Hadith; etc. - Theology & Jurisprudence ; share something in common (Both dealt with things from a viewpoint of reason) earliest form of Fiqh and Jurisprudence were based on rational opinionated based premise; loosely based on Hadith. - GOD AND LOGIC IN ISLAM – HISTORY OF REASON IN ISLAMIC THOUGHT Theology deals with the nature of God, etc. “What does it mean: ……” - E.G What does it mean when God acts, if God is not a „tangible‟ or a „human‟; how can he act? - Greek philosophy, which dealt with the nature of the Universe, a lot of this material, was translated into Arabic. (Mahmoud) o Translation movement that took place in the Abbasid caliphate; set up a place of Wisdom in Baghdad o Existence and the nature of existence and God and creation and Free will would be formed in new ways as a result of Muslims being exposed to Greek philosophy. o “Civilization” o Cherishing the writing and philosophy that took place; - Ayoub – Fiqh and Theology o Jurisprudence and the rational instigation of God‟s existence o Jurisprudence and theology developed in a similar current and both depended upon reason to derive their sources; - Aristotelian philosophy - How much exposure to non-literal sources too much? How much is heresy? AHL HADITH (Traidionalism) Mutazila (Rational & Shia) Ashari (Sunnism) How do we develop a system of thought and remain true and sincere to the Prophet?  In the early period, people like Abu Hanifah (Iraq); the people that were developing the L
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