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Chapter 1&2

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Religious Studies
Liyakat Takim

Intro to Islam; September 17, 2013 Etic perspective; religion as an outsider; C HAPTER 1&2M AHMOUD M.A YOUB Historical context that the Qur’an is responding to;  Meccan society; one of the only societies in late antiquity which did not have an active revealed religion; o Muhammad came to fill this ‘void’ of religion; o If Muhammad was not Muslim before the declaration of this new religion; Pagan? Hanif; A cross between being a Jewish and one being a Christian; someone who lived in Mecca, did not take idol worship, but did not subscribe to a particular religion; Not being a polytheist in Mecca;  Development;  It is therefore difficult to explain how the life of Mecca was; historically; what do you make of documents written afterwards, and those who are ascribed to this faith and therefore project this faith; o Traditionalism VS History;  FATALISM? o No meaning past their death; did not believe in an afterlife; (Pre-Islamic Arabia) o Afterlife, 30 versus of the Qur’an revealed in Mecca; target audience were those that did not believe in the afterlife; o Hanif were not fatalists; believed in the hereafter; in the afterlife; o The Qur’an responds to this immediate context; o The Qur’anic language; page 19. Strategies developed to make versus more
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