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Islam Intro Lecture

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Religious Studies
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Liyakat Takim

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Introduction to Islam Lecture 1 10/09/2013 Islam - submission to God - Muslim: one who submits to one God - Qur'an uses the word "muslim" in a generic sense (one who submits to God) - only one God, is the creator of all of humanity, he creates and communicates - Qur'an reflects parts of the Bible - Qur'an retells some of the stories told in the Old Testament - God created human beings out of nothing (told them to be and they became) - Qur'an does differentiate from the Old testament (adam did not make eve and eve did not make adam eat a forbidden fruit) - Abraham was born in Ur approximately 4000 years ago - Covenant: contract between God and Abraham (terms were to worship only one God, and to become leader) - Abraham had two wives (original wife was Sarah who could not conceive, so gave Hajra permission to have a kid by the name of Ismail) - miraculously Sarah then also had a kid named Isaac - Sarah then asked Abraham to send off Ismail and Hajira to the dessert (Mecca) (importance: first migration) - Abraham and Ismail then built the Ka'aba dedicated to the
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