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Religious Studies
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Abelard and Heloise Young Abelard: -he would write songs- he was known for his songs when he started out. -he would write them in an attempt to pick up a girl -wrote lyrics that are formal, attractive. -he would think that life is so fulfilling now, not later. -Abelard was in the church system. The way he described things was controversial. -Because he was smart, he went into the church system. All smart people ended up in the church! [Philosophy  Theology  Church] Abelard- 1079-1142 Heloise- 1100/1-1163/4 - Age difference between them is 21 years. Heloise was 16, maybe younger when they got together. The Letters: Letter 1: Abelard’s letter to a friend regarding this affair: -How it Happened: -Abelard decides he wants a woman. Not to marry, but just to have one. -He picked Heloise because her character made him a “man” -He becomes her tutor, on the deal that he gets to live in her house and look after all of her affairs- even corporal punishment, if necessary. -they quickly become lovers because of who she was- attractive soul and mind. -eventually they’re discovered. He’s thrown out of the house. They meet in secret again (outside of the house). -They’re discovered again! Heloise gets pregnant. They’re very happy, but it’s a problem. -The relation they had with one another lasted 2 years. They ended up with a son. - Their love for each other is intense, brief, and controversial, sex involved, and is quality. - Quality was in who they were and what being together caused in both of them! Marriage: -He takes her to his family residence outside Paris where she gives birth to their son -Abelard apologizes to her Uncle, offers to marry her on condition that it’s kept a secret because of his reputation. Uncle agrees to it. -Rumours of their marriage start to circulate. He arranges for Heloise to leave the city again. Church Devotion: -Abelard gets castrated! He then decided to go into the church and become a monk. -He insisted that Heloise join religious orders as well- become a nun! -They both become devoted to the church. Essentially, they marry Christ. -Heloise isn’t happy in the church. Her love for Abelard is the highest love for her, even higher than the church! -Basically, once they’ve become a part of the church, they don’t see/speak to each other again Letter 2: Personal Letters-Heloise to Abelard -Heloise reads hi
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