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Social Sciences
David Penner

January 12, 2012 Protecting women from themselves • The more a woman was intelligent or educated to be so the more they were able to “rationalize” and justify their irrationality • When female intuition becomes defended through reason they are called witches • Women should lead easy lives that are also extremely hard • This “protection” had an economic point • This idea of the nature of women and what their nature was, was not considered the roles but it was what was biologically necessary • Roles were to come in the history of women that men thought were convenient to them • This was forced on them and they were not resistant • They were raised in this time as everyone was raised that this was all true • Having this forced on them made it acceptable • The societies were starting to be run this way and be educated this way Nature not imposed roles • These ideas about women were understood not as roles but as the truth of what women were • Almost everyone – women and men – thought this was way • Was this a comfortable or uncomfortable “truth” for most women? • Teaching women to not have sexual thoughts was a difficult task • Women were educated to believe certain nature • Did they find this education easy or hard to accept? For the most part women were accepting to this • This complicated things because if women believe these things yet they are not right how is it able to function? The happy slave • Many freed slaves did not want to be freed. The basics of their life were cared for and they did not mind their position; the principle of being free did not matter very much • If women accepted and furthered this understanding of women, can they be understood as happy slaves? • What is the problem with systems and society declaring what is natural to women and men • Not all these slaves wanted to be free • They would rather be slaved because they were safe, had a house, and food • They knew being free would be harder to carve a new life • They had some level preferred of being like a pet • Society would not work if people did not accept these definitions of live • To some level the majority of women accepted the life they were living • Just because they accept it shouldn’t mean they should follow through with it • Just because you’re a happy slave does not mean slavery is good • The problem with systems and men who run those systems declaring the nature of women is tat they pronounce things that cannot always be done • They have certain expectations of women that are convenient for them • If women did accept this can this be considered acceptable • There is no such thing as women as a natural category • Or women as an understandable term Women or woman? • Systemic understandings understand everyone as a type and not as a unique type. Freedom is, at its heart, freedom to be you not freedom to be a certain type • Talking about a race of people or a gender in universal terms reduces the individual to the type • Do the characteristics of one woman dictate how all women are? Is a woman who she is because she has a vagina? • We do not represent our gender • We cannot just define what a woman is • Everyone has different attributes – these things do not define you Drawn to slavery • We like to be defined. Definitions give us security and comfort. They tell us what is and what is not expected/ as the man i deal with the spiders in my house, my wife likes this definition of gender because them she does not have to kill spiders • We like the idea of belonging to a group and following a definition • But these definitions are cultural before they are considered natural • We accept the ways we are told to be • We like these definitions because they work for us • Throughout and still today girls are raised to be certain types of women • Like it or not for the most part girls and boys have accepted the lessons they have been given • Some women feel like they did not have a choice about it • However, there are choices • But throughout history there were people who were brave enough to say NO • Some women stand up for themselves and say “no there is no definition for women” • We may like to look back at history and accept the fact that this was happening to women but that is not right • People claim that women thought that way but that’s not the case because not everyone thinks the same way • No one had the courage to stand up for it • You lack the boldness to say I hate this and I want to stop this Accepting social claims • Women and men in history largely accepted what they were told. Just like we do • The main message of this history lesson is that it has not stopped. They way we define things may have changed, as our economic system has changed, but we are still happy slaves to those understandings • But there are a few people in every point of history who have said “no, these understandings are stupid” • This is important because we should be able to think outside the system that we live in • We have not always felt the ways we have felt • We can draw attention to the ways we are thinking now • Do we think what we think now because it is true or because you are educated by your culture Being free • We need to be those people too • Are the things that we are educated to believe true or are they useful to our society? • Is today any less disturbing than what it used to be for women and work? • Are we happy slaves? Slavery does not just happen • Because of the need for financial safety women were drawn to marriage • Unmarried women faced a threatening future • Family equals safety in numbers • Not educated to take car
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