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Social Work, Sept 16th Lecture notes and course reading

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McMaster University
Social Work
Stephanie Ross

September 16 th What do Social Workers Do? Canadian Association of Social Work- code of ethics: Social Work is a profession that is dedicated to the welfare and the self-realization of all people. - Self-realisation: reaching a persons full potential, realizing the goals they want to meet The development and disciplined use of scientific and professional knowledge - Social workers go through process of education and skill development, there’s a knowledge base and we are committed to using that to help people Social workers are also committed to the development of resources and skills to meet individual, group, national and international needs and aspirations and the achievement of social justice. - Achievement of social justice- equitable society, abusive relations-sign that social justice exist- victims are women, social justice systems (police, court) don’t enact social justice but the perpetrator. - The work Social workers do to insure Social Justice- awareness raising, that injustice does exist and advocate, insuring better justice could be by making better programmes and resources. Social Workers are interested in the need and empowerment of people who are vulnerable and oppressed. Philosophy that the school of Social work has at McMaster : we understand that there are relationships in which some people are oppressed and marginalized where some people have power and control. Social Workers are committed to achieving human rights Types of Service Direct service- providing to direct service to individuals (counselling) or to group and communities, actual engagement, building relation and making change through relationships, working for public or publicly funded social service agencys (hospitals) Indirect service- Paperwork, making sure the direct service happens, participation in social movement aimed to make change in a society at a larger scale, without directly engaging, policy and research departments- responsible for responsive programmes policy’s and services, do they advocacy, engaging with the Ontario work benefit officer, advocate that they do need the needs they aren’t being provided, advocating to the bank to get just services, employed through the government or non government organization less community based, formulating/analyzing/developing social policies or programes Levels of Practice Micro- direct level, with individuals Mezzo- working with communities, communities development work, Macro- UNISEF, at an international scale, working with organizations to improve change or laws or policies in the general society. Ex. Dr. without scale- works at international level- share resources through contents Case worker- practioner doing one on one counselling with individuals, part of a social service agency but now its a lot more broad- not only attending to individual problems but changing the social environment and empowerment of people to improve there situations Roles of Social Workers Enabler- helping people organize to help themselves; helping a community identify problems, explore and select strategies, mobilize and organize to address the problems. Doing the work to help people better understand the situation and the areas they can make change in, enable communities to make the changes they would like to, helping people find the skills and the space to help them advocate for themselves. Broker: Link individuals and groups who need help (linking an abused women to a shelter for battered women) Linking individual to resources During the intake and assessment process- what are the needs of the person and what are the services, resources or programmes we can connect them to Advocate- providing leadership in advocating on behalf of a person or institutions decisions on providing services. Initiator- Calls attention to problems or the problems of a programme or policy may cause , calling atten
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