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Working on Policy and Research

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McMaster University
Social Work
Stephanie Ross

Working on Policy and Research- Septmeber 30 th A2L Social work at the Policy and/or Research level is Macro level social work practice What is Social Policy? “Social policy is all about social purposes and the choices between them. These choices and the conflicts between them have continuously to be made at the government level, the community level, and the individual level. At each level by acting or not acting, by voting or not voting, by opting in or contracting out, we can influence the direction in which choices are made.” “Social policies form the philosophical and/or ideological base that directs the goals and objectives of the various groups, whether professional, religious, government, or communities that deliver social services.” (Turner and Turner 2005) Key Points: - Social policy is about choices - We – the public - can be involved in determining those choices - Policies are formed based on the philosophies or ideologies under which the government is run Why is social policy important? - In Canada, we often believe the media – perpetrated stereotype and image that policy is only ‘something that happens over there’ in the US o We don’t pay nearly enough attention to our own policies in Canada - Society also often disparages the slowness of potential progress when wanting policy change - So, it is easy to think that policy is not relevant - BUT, policy directly impacts the services, resources, and the we way practice as social workers Policy happens at different levels = federal, provincial, municipal and also internationally Social Policy Process 1 * like when working with individuals and communities, the process of social policy is much more complex than the following linear description Process = agenda setting, policy determination, implementation and evaluation Agenda Setting: - Q: How do issues become the subject of policy development or change? - A: In a number of ways: o Through public discourse – ie: what issues are people talking about in society? What issues is the public pressuring governments to take seriously or to make change on? o Academic discourse – ie: what is research telling us is happening in society that needs to be addressed? What issues are being raised by academics and those working with them? o Public Service – ie: what issues are those working in public service organizations saying need to be addressed? What are the campaigning around? o Influence of the elites – ie: what issues are the elite backing? What are they giving financial support for? What interests/issues to they pressure governments to take up? - In all cases – the final decision is that of the politicians to set the agenda for policy development Policy Determination - based on the agendas set, different proposals are considered to decide the exact implementation of policies - policy proposals come from various areas similar to those mentioned in agenda setting: - some examples of policy institutes: o Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives o The Fraser Institute o C.D. Howe Institute o Caledon Institute of Social Policy o Institute for Research on Public Policy (IRPP) o Canadian Policy Research Networks o Canadian Research Institute for Social Policy (CRISP) - Each of these policy determiners have their own ideologies, agendas, mandates, interests and the policies they develop are infused with these values Implementation 2 - once policy goals are determined, there is an implementation phase or roll out - implementation happens through a variety of mechanisms (see
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