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Sandra Colavecchia

Education  What did Davies and Walters find? Structural Functionalism  What does structural functionalism examine?  What is the function of selection?  Why do we select and sort people and what is this done on the basis of?  What is streaming?  What is difference between contest mobility and sponsored mobility?  How do schools socialize the next generation?  What is Meritocracy?  What is the hidden curriculum? Conflict Theory  What do educational institutions reproduce?  What do conflict theorists say that schools maintain?  What does the hidden curriculum teach us?  What did Pierre Bourdieu say about middle/upper class children?  What are contemporary conflict theorists interested in? Racism in the Canadian university  What is othering?  What did Henry and Tator argue?  What are two tiered jobs?  What to Henry and Tator point to for reasons of rascism?  What is informal mentoring?  What is a chilly climate?  What did Camille Hernandez-Ramdawar examine?  Why do universities experience racism? Symbolic Interactionism  Who is Paul Willis?  What did he conclude about hoys behaviors in schools? Feminist Theory  What do Gender base inequalities get reproduced through?  Explain Student teacher interactions  What are hostile hallways?  What are dramatic changes to female academic success? Contemporary Trends  Why are schools less influential as socializing agents?  What is progressive pedagogy?  What is the emphasis on kids in schools now?  What did Cote and Allahar argue? What is credential inflation?  How have high school grades become inflated over time?  What are the consequences to grade inflation?  What is the self-esteem movement?  Why have professors become gate keepers of society Families  A Sociological Perspective  What does it mean for a family to be socially constructed?  What is social reproduction Structural Functionalism  What analogy does it draw between society and the human body?  What parts is the family made up of?  What is the optimal structure for society?  Why is the nuclear traditional heterosexual family the best unit to raise children?  What is the role of the husband? The wife?  What did Talcott Parsons argue?  What are the five functions of families?  Why are the functions of families shifting?  Who does Talcott Parsons criticize? Conflict Theory  What forces structure family life?  What is the impact of industrialization on families?  What is the difference between units of productions and units of consumption?  What shapes families?  What was Karl Marx and Frederick engels interested in?  Why was labor and caregiving easily done in pre industrial times?  How did factories separate the family (what were the different spheres)?  Did middle and upper class women work? What about lower class women? Why?  What did Frederick Engels argue?  According to Frederick Engels, when did the traditional nuclear family emerge?  After private property and inheritance emerged, what were men concerned about transmitting?  What did men have strict control over?  Karl Marx said families are instrumental for whom?  What do families help reproduce and generate?  What is the criticism with Karl Marx’s ideas? Marxist Feminist Theory  What did Meg Luxton Study?  What is capitalism reliant on?  What did Oakley study?  What did Devault talk about  What did Walzer talk about?  What do feminists work with?  How do structural functionalists view the family?  How do feminists view families?  What is feminist’s criticism about structural functionalists ideas?  What are the criticisms about the feminist theory?  What is the family a potential site of? Symbolic In
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