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Chapter 23

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McMaster University
Sandra Colavecchia

The Racial Profiling Debate in TorontoAfrican Canadians have complained of being stopped by cops for yearsHowever Canadian law enforcement officials have rejected such claimsThe Star found black people in Toronto are highly overrepresented in certain offence categoriesBelieves this pattern of overrepresentation is consistent with the idea that the Toronto police engage in racial profilingAlso suggests that blacks are treated more harshly after arrestwhite offenders are likely to be released at the scene while black offenders are more likely to be detained taken to the station and held in custodyRacial profiling is said to exist when the members of certain racial or ethnic groups become subject to greater levels of criminal justice surveillance than others It is associated with racial bias in police investigation rather than in arrest decisions or treatment after arrestIn England police record racial backgrounds of people who are subjected to police stops and searchesThus proven police data from England and the states suggest that black people come under greater criminal justice surveillance and are more likely to be stopped or searchedPolice in Canada do not record the r
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