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Chapter 11

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Sandra Colavecchia

Chapter 11Work and OccupationsNonstandard jobs parttime contractual and seasonal work multiple job holding work secured through a temporary worker agency and selfemployedThe first and second industrial revolutions The industrial revolution started in England in the late eighteenth century completing the transition from feudalism to capitalismUnder feudalism most people worked as peasant farmers and a few skilled artisans made tools and a variety of goods During the IRunder feudalism most farmers produced enough to meet their own needs The transition to capitalism transformed peasant farmers into wageearning factory workersDivision of labor expanded which is to say that work previously done by skilled craftspeople was broken down into smaller components so semiskilled workers who were paid less than the skilled crafts people could perform factory jobs Contextualizing the Canadian labor market Canadas labor force is now olderCanadas population is also more educated than it was 30 years agoAnother change in the labor market is the growing reliance on immigration to meet the d
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