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Chapter 18

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Chapter 18Politics and Social MovementsDemocracy involves a twoway process of control between the state the set of institutions that formulate and carry out a countrys law policies and binding regulations and civil society the private sphere consisting of social movements political parties etcThe level of democracy in a society depends on the capacity of civil society to influence the state through citizen support of social movements political parties and other groupsThat capacity increases as power becomes more widely distributed in societyAlthough pluralists correctly note that democratic politics is about negotiation and compromise they fail to appreciate how advantaged groups tend to have more political influence than othersAlthough elite theorists are correct to note that power is concentrated in the hands of advantaged groups they fail to appreciate how variations in the distribution of power influence political behavior and public policyWhile powerbalance theorists focus on the effect of changes in the distribution of power in society they fail to appreciate what statecentered theorists emphasizethat state institutions and laws also affect political behavior and public policyThe degree to which power is widely distributed influences the success of pa
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