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Chapter 13

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Tina Fetner

Chapter 13Education Chapter Learning ObjectivesLearning to Learn or Learning to Labor Functions of SchoolingDescribe the two main functions of schoolsDefine education in sociological terms as well as functional illiteracy innumeracyno and human capitalSummarize the various ways schools can be used and have been used to socialize students Explain the concept of schools as sorting machines and contingent arguments that schools reproduce societal inequalities Do Schools MatterSummarize what was learned about achievement differences among schools in the 1966 Coleman Report and explain why the results were surprising to many peopleDescribe the results of studies on the effect of class size on educational achievementExplain the significance of findings about differences in educational achievement in public schools and private schools Whats Going on inside SchoolsDefine the concept of tracking as used in education and explain its potential positive and negative effectsExplain why the classroom is one of the most socially intimate spaces in society Define the Pygmalion effect and explain how it can be positive or negativeDefine best practices and explain how they can affect teaching effectiveness Explain how students can influence one anothers performance in the classroom Higher EducationDescribe how functionalists and conflict theorists explain the educational boom in the United States over the past one hundred yearsDefine credentialism and explain how it has affected the job marketDescribe the arguments surrounding the merits of the Scholastic Aptitude Test SATDefine affirmative action and understand arguments made by critics of affirmative action as well as rebuttals to those argumentsInequalities in SchoolingDescribe how class race and ethnicity affect educational outcomesDefine cultural capital and explain its influence on student performance
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