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Tina Fetner

Chapter 18Collective Action Social Movements and Social Change Chapter Study OutlineIntroductionCollective action is action that takes place in groups and diverges from the social norms of the situation Collective Action What Is It Good ForCrowd collective action takes place when members of a group are facetofacemass collective action is collective action in which close physical proximity is not necessary such as a letter writing campaignAccording to convergence theory collective action happens when people with similar ideas and tendencies gather in the same place This theory does not explain the inconsistency of group actionwhy collective action sometimes happens under such circumstances and other times does not According to contagiontheory collective action arises because of peoples tendency to conform to the behavior of others This theory downplays individual agency and does not explain the inconsistency of group actionEmergent norm theory emphasizes the influence of leaders in promoting particular norms that members of a group then follow This theory doesnt explain why particular people become leaders or why some actions emerge as norms within a group and others dontIn order to explain who we are as individuals we tend to talk about different groups of which we are a part What makes each of us unique is the particular combination of groups with which we identify A static identity is an aspect of your identity such as race that doesnt change and that determines at least one group to which you belongA dynamic identity is an aspect of your identity that is more fluid such as working as a lifeguard for one summer and that is determined by a group to which you belong
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