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OBJECTIVIST APPROACH – textbook: deviance claims that the presence of certain characteristics defined deviance, that is, behaviours or people with those characteristics are deviant, and those lacking such characteristics are normal. By looking for these characteristics we can identify who is deviant. Inherent characteristics, behavior or characteristic – those are common to all deviants but what that trait is is debated Traits most frequently postulated: o 1. Statistical rarity – not population in academic research, but common in everyday convo  Behavior/characteristic not typical is deviant  only 19% Canadians smoke and so they are deviant, not many people in jail so they are deviant, not many people are homosexuals so they are deviants  Limitations: 1. what is criteria of rarity? Under 30% or under 50%  38% pple use marijuana; is that rare or not?  Limitations: 2. Some behave is not statistically rare but are perceived as unacceptable  66% of youth have consumed alc but 12 year olds drinking is still perceived as bad, same thing with sexual activities amongst youth  Limitations: 3. Some stat rare things are not considered deviant  left handed people are not considered deviant today (although were historically), not many Canadians are physically active but they are not considered deviant (even there are more non active people than smokers)  2. Harm - not too common but appears in academic work (harm, danger, threat) Harm o Physical harm-to oneself like smoking or another like murder o Emotional harm -like bullying Or to onself like dating someone with addictions o limitations: historically tobacco industry said smoking did not cause harm by Anti smoking activist suggested it did, masturbation first thought of as causing problems by doc, marijuana bad/good --> exaggerated claims o Social harm - this type of alarm interferes with the smooth running of society - criminals threaten safety of the population and social order o Limitations: womens movement women started working to change society but was that them harming social order of tht time o abstract harm-this is a form of harm that threatens the way we understand the world nd our place in it I E religious belief systems provide us with abstract understanding and fundamental way of co
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