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Soc 2C06 Textbook notes Somatype Theory

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McMaster University
Dorothy Pawluch

Soc 2C06 Lecture Mon 23 September (objectivist) Why do people deviate how can we make them stop Theories of Deviance Biological  Sick Bodies - Something wrong in the body, can be body chemistry or brain chemistry Psychological  Sick Minds - Deviance is caused about the functioning mind, how people think and process things Sociological  Society - the source of deviant behavior somewhere and somehow in society, has to do with our social relationships with each other Biological Theories Theory of Atavism (Cesare Lombroso [1835-1909]) Most humans have this high sense of self control, however every once in a while there is a human who doesn’t have self control Nature fucks up and people who more or less look like human beings but they do not have such high self control, more like animals, use natural instinct like an animal (these people called atavists) Not only can you see atavists by the way they act, since they generally don’t know whats right or wrong, and don’t give a shit about what anyone thinks, But he also says they are physical characteristics that he called stigmata Wrote a list of physical characteristics when looking at autopsy’s of criminals that he felt represented an atavist Some characteristics: Size of the head (bigger heads), Asymmetry (dispropor
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