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Chapter 5

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Augie Fleras

Chapter 5 LECTURE Gendered inequality  Gender empowerment VS Gender inequality  It’s a mans world VS the end of men/ the ascent of women  From patriarchy to matriarchy?  When global surveys on gender inequality are conducted, Canada is all over the place in terms of placement: in 2012 the world economic forums global gender gap indicated that Canada fell 3 spots to land in 21 place (one about the US)  A survey from the globe and male: Canada was named first in the G20 countries nd for women, 2 in political participation  60% of graduates from Canadian Universities are women, but the degrees are not equally distributed among all disciplines  A pool found that nearly 10% of males thought it was appropriate to use violence against women or if she had sex with another male; also said attitudes and behaviours were constantly changing, 56% are aware of the past and changes  Hanna Rosens book: the idea that we are shifting from a patriarchy to a matriarchy  New economy: more emphasis on social intelligence, communication, and adaptability which are qualities that seem to reflect female strengths as opposed to male strengths  Regardless of which survey is done we find that generally speaking, women in positions of authority  As we move from patriarchy to matriarchy we are going to develop a more inclusive, tolerant, and consensus type of workplace  We live in a world where there is significant female empowerment but despite these facts women are continued to be hobbled by stereotypes, certain expectations not pertaining to their interests or careers, and the changes are very slow  It is becoming very evident that men are no longer the undisputed power holders in society but there is more sharing Chapter assumptions  Comparison to past, others, but present  Gender relations= unequal relations o Working assumption and it is possibl the someone could extract information which would counteract this assumption o Builds on the notion that there are unequal relation in terms of power, privilege, and wealth o How are unequal relationship are created, maintained, and expressed o How these patterns of inequality are challenged and transformed  Gender matters/ social location o Where you are located in society in terms of gender shapes your identity and status and will affect the opportunities and outcomes associated with each gender o Social location is not just gender but we must appreciate to which degree these patterns intersect with each other o Social locations and statuses converge and amplify the benefit or exclusion that is likely to occur  Gendered society/ gendered reality o Gender is deeply embedded within the social system o All societies allocate a division of labour between men and women which is tightly scripted about what men and women do o Division labour exists: complementing and creating an organizally functioning society for reasons open to speculation and tend to value male activity as dominant and preffered and female activities tend to be devalued and regarded as irrelevant and not given symbolic value that it deserves o We need to appreciate how this devaluation becomes deeply embedded in society over time o Devaluation is expressed in a variety of different ways: misogyny, sexism, androcentrism (opposed to gynocentrism), and patriarchy o We have a reality which indicate
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