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Chapter 19

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David Young

Rosenberg – Chapter 20  In western society high number of women face ppd  Biological perspective- Motherhood is natural and so w should not have difficulty  We live in a culture which romanticizes parenthood – but it’s not that easy  Dominant pers of ppd – problem caused by physiological causes – big cause is change in hormones  Social standview – shows this as an individual problem with individual causes rather than a social def – we need to look at social support  We need a feminist model which looks at social oppression of women – mother work is socially organized today and w lack the social support  She equates mother work with front line work of jobs like social work, and nurse  The worker has low level control over work, high pressure, high demand, high burn out and turn over  Same is true for new mothers – how its socially organized  Moms get no on the job training facing unfamiliar situation  Factors associated with ppd o Loss – no paid workplace anymore, friends and fam as they don’t see them as much, personal identity as they are always taking care of baby o Dependence – financially on
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