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Chapter 16

SOCIOL 3U03 Chapter Notes - Chapter 16: Reproductive Health, Heteronormativity, Sexual Fluidity

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Tina Fetner

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Chapter 16: Adolescent Girls Sexuality
At the last half of the 20th century adolescent girls sexuality was under heavy
Adolescent girls sexuality is a fulcrum of contradictions
Even today, girls are still as vulnerable to being labeled and scorned for having
sexual feeling, and to appearnot actually besex kittens
Their sexuality is still not their own
If girls are to be considered good or nice they are not supposed to have sexual
Virtually impossible for girls of colour to get on the ‘good girl pedestal’
Ie. blacks being viewed as hypersexual, Asians unlocking secret doors to male
pleasure, etc (stereotypes)
It is normative for girls to have sexual feelings during adolescents, what is not
considered normal is to express this desire
It is ok for them to incite desire, but not to feel it themselves
Girls are socialized to be sexy not sexual (conveyed through family, friends,
An object has no feelings of her own
By the age of 19 a majority of girls have had sexual intercourse, more than half
have performed oral sex, and an increasing percentage have had anal sex
The little we know about these women’s sexual experiences suggests that most of
the encounters weren’t about her pleasure to begin with (Why isn’t this a
Believed that in order to keep boyswho have uncontrollable sexual urges they
can’t be held accountable for—in check, the suppression of girls sexual desire is
There’s an institutionalized double standard
To resist this double standard, some girls are claiming entitlement over their
sexual feelings online (ie. launching protests against being sexualized/objectified,
talking about how denying desire diminishes sexual and reproductive health, etc)
Enacting ‘sexual subjectivity,’ which is having a sense of oneself as a sexual
person who is entitled to have sexual feelings and to make active decisions about
sexual behaviour
Sexual subjectivity is the opposite of ‘it just happened,’ which is how girls
describe their sexual experiences (passive explanation, with no one to blame for
the event)
Sexual subject is the opposite of sexual objectinstead of being the target of
someone’s desires, you have your own sexual desires as a compass to negotiate
your sexuality as a women
The dissociation frame one’s sexual feelings remains a key part of how young
women are socialize into their sexuality
If these girls continue to not let being labeled a ‘slut’ affect them the label will
lose its power over them
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