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SOCIOL 3U03 Chapter article: Dr. Khan Article

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Tina Fetner

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Dr. Khan Article
- Gay rights activists often draw parallels to civil rights movements (oppression and
o Marriage equality movement has embraced biological determinism popularized
that ID is biologically determined
Sexuality is not a choice but a way we are born (wrong?)
Born gay
Sexual orientation perhaps innate but not sure because no one can
prove by science gender is a social construction so is sexuality
Support for gays and born gay go hand. In hand
- false belief in bio determinism does damage marginalizes most precarious members of
the community (transgendered) leads to misunderstanding
o long history of being oppressive Nazism exterminating those born that way
- had to have scientific research to convince the public
o levay INAH3 in gay men is closer in size to women than men
o Hamer DNA markers shared by gay brothers on Xq28
Used it to defend themselves it wasn’t their fault (even though it wasn’t
- Genes interact w enviro and social conditions to generate outcomes
o Genetic expression did influence same sex attraction but only in certain social
- Viewing it as a choice has seemed more damaging than viewing it as politically damaging
- Social constructs actions not determined or the result of free choices
o If something is biologically determined (race) we would expect it to be the same
across time and place
o Gender is a social construction
o Sexuality is a physiological desire whose expression is a social construction
Gayness is v rare and basically limited to contemp W life serious doubt
that the idea is biologically determined
These acts are common in the past but there is never the social ID of gay
- Just bc something is a social construction doesnt mean its not real or easy to change
o Need to all collectively recognize something for it to have meaning
Can easily change bio but not soc altering the ideas of many
- Gay went from being a description word to a kind of person
o Impossible to ID a cause
- What do we do when our biology is inconsistent w our ID
- We have invented everything, but our inventions are not a part of a biological nature
they are a conversation btwn soc and bio
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