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Theatre & Film Studies
Peter Cockett

THTR&FLM 1T03 - Tutorial #7 2012/11/07 Tutorial Report: "Cloud 9" This report will identify and analyze the key points and questions raised in the following discussion of the presentation on Caryl Churchill's "Cloud 9". The group in which presented, valued the play for what it was worth; they strongly examined its theatrical features and elements, while still looking at the deeper meaning within its context. The title that the group chose to use for the supposed Film Festival entry, was "The Search and Realization Through Identity". With this being said, the group did very well in focusing on such aspects of the play, and brought up many relative points. The central arguments addressed in the presentation were that the characters, throughout the progression of the play, are somewhat forced or, in other words, strongly influenced by cultural norms to take on their given roles to keep them in their 'proper' place. Being anything other than what is 'socially acceptable', in terms of sexuality and gender roles (the very prominent theme of the play and presentation) was not allowed and would therefore cause serious consequence on your reputation and respective position within society. The group points out that a lot changes throughout the production in terms of what is openly realized or accepted in terms of gender roles (or perhaps the myth of), sexual orientation, and the definition of sexuality in general. The presenters address the issue of conformity, which is highly noticeable in the first Act, seeing as how each character is glued to their supposed roles, and confusion and conflict arises when any of them attempt to stray away from them. The main points the group discussion addressed were the differences between Act I and Act II. These Acts, while meant to be only tw
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