Women's Studies 3BB3 Week 8 Reading Notes
Women's Studies 3BB3 Week 8 Reading Notes

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McMaster University
Women’s Studies
Dr.Janice Hdlaki

WS 3BB3 Constituting Family Week 8Caring and Sharing Myra Macdonald y Femininity cherished for its caring qualities 132 o Natural talent for looking after others y Motherhood is the archetypal symbol of womens nurturing qualities y Caring has a new fluidity o Mothers can be unrulyo Fathers can be nurturing and loving y Female friendshipsnew arena for acts of sacrifice and devotion previously imagined only in the sanctity of the hearth and home y Why the association with caring and femininity in the western world o The responsibility of moral leadership placed on women within the family and the wider community by religions of Judaic descent o The split between public and private spheres conformed womens supporting role within the home women in service positions as careers o The essential belief in their biological predisposition towards nurturing 133 y Pyschoanlaysis propped up the significance of the maternal nurturing role in the development of the individualo Heavy guilt if a woman failed at motherhood y Advertisers use the image of the mother to invite us to buy not for ourselves but for the wellbeing of our families y Admiration for holy motherfor what she symbolizes and not for who she is o Vs Eve PolaritywhoreMadonna dichotomy that preoccupies western thinking about womenExample Demi Moore pregnant and naked on Vanity Fair sparks controversy breastfeeding in public y Afterduring World Wars women were enticed back into the home 135 y Parenting magazine address female leadership o Ideal of how to be a perfect mother o Selfsacrificial vs selfindulgent spending habits y Discourses of Good and Bad Mothers o Good Mother selfsacrificing and selflesseither overbearing or neglectful o Bad Mother These categories are invoked to serve the interests of the state and the economy y Moral rhetoric about family values to denounce the single mother 136 o Freudianism invoked to suggest that emotional scarring would affect children growing up without fathers y Black women still represented as mammy figures o Linked historically to slavery and to restricted employment prospects y Typical Hollywood ending that strips the woman of her rights and feelings in order to exalt the state of motherhood and maternal selfsacrifice 139 y The obstacles to proper caring are depicted in terms of dangerous forays outside the domestic spherePage 1 of 4
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