Women's Studies 3BB3 Week 10 Readings Notes

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Women’s Studies
Dr.Janice Hdlaki

WS 3BB3 Colonialism and Resistance Week 10From The Colonial Harem Malek Alloula y The Orient as exotic where unfathomable mysteries dwell and barbarism thrives 317 o Fascinating and disturbing Europe y The harem o Embodies the obsession with the Orient central figure y Dreams of the Orients beauties and delights y Phantasm of the harem persists 318 y The postcard becomes the poor mans fantasy o Displays dreams o Covers colonial space that is immediately available o Straddles two spacesThe one it representsThe one it reaches o Seductive appeal of adventure and pioneering o Reveals the fantasy of the harem in degrading ways y Colonialism producing racism and xenophobia y Force the postcard to reveal what it holds back the ideology of colonialism and to expose what is represented in it the sexual fantasy y Algerienne as harem 319 o Largely photographed o Fixation on the womens body o To represent the Algerian woman is a double operationTo uncover the nature and the meaning of the colonialist gazeTo subvert the stereotype that is so tenaciously attached to the bodies of women o The first thing the foreign eye catches about the Algerian woman is that they are concealed from sight o The opaque veil is a refusal to the photographer 320Initial experience of disappointment and rejectionDiscourages scopic desire the voyeurism of the photographerTriple rejectionOf his desireOf the practices of his artOf a place that is not his own o The whiteness of the veil symbolizes blindnessWhiteness is the absence of a photo a veiled photograph a whiteoutUniformlike no distinction between women 321 o The exoticism that he thought he could handle without any problems suddenly discloses to him a truth unbearable for the further exercise of his craft o The veil to recall the closure of private space o The feminine gaze that filters through the veil is an outright attack on the photographer 322He is dispossessed of his own gaze Page 1 of 4
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