Women's Studies 3BB3 Week 11 Readings Notes

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Women’s Studies
Dr.Janice Hdlaki

WS 3BB3 Technologies Week 11Action Heroines in the 1980s The Limits of Masculinity Yvonne Tasker y Action heroines challenging womens social roles 295 o Images of women who wield guns and who take control of cars computers and the other technologies that have symbolized both power and freedom within Hollywoods world o Mobilize a symbolically transgressive iconography o Disrupt codes of femininity y The suggestion that the action heroine is really a man attempts the secure the logic of a gender binary y The new action heroine commands the narrative y Muscular action heroines there are shifting masculine identities for women y Both oppression and fantasised escape are however imaginary they may be inscribed over the body 296 y Questions about What is the significance of the appearance of a female action heroine in the mainstream of Hollywood cinema production How does this figure relate to the established Hollywood codes for representing both authority and the populist heros refusal of that authority y The emergence of a series of diverse actionbased films centred on female protagonists has begun to generate a debate as to the political status of these films and their heroines 297 y Far from being about empowering women some representations of womenwithguns is considered to be one which renders the protagonists as symbolically male y Heroine is an independent woman y Feminists have responded to the films with both pleasuredisgust and enthusiasm suspiciono Films that center and exploit women y Contradiction between what we know and what we enjoy 298 y A tension between the project of legitimatizing womens pleasures and the desire the assess representations politically informs a good deal of feminist criticism y Class is a central term in the narratives of the popular action cinema y Common theme in the feminist action film is the process of coming to knowledge o Heroines process of selfdiscovery on her progression from ignorance about herself and about the real world in general to knowledge and some kind of strengtho Changes in the heroines appearanceweight loss new clothes hairstyle and so on o Situates women in relation to health or body culture defines the heroines transformation through the body y The phallic woman is seen as a male ruse 300 o The effect is to reinforce the message that women cannot win o The struggle of the female protagonist seem only to reinforce her passivity and secure her ultimate failure Page 1 of 5
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