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Chapter 11

CLAS 1111 Chapter 11: CHAPTER 11

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CLAS 1111
Michael A.Pollock

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Aorta: largest artery in the body.
Arteriole: small artery
Atrium: one of the 2 upper chambers of the heart
Diastole: relaxaon phase of the heartbeat.
Mitral: valve between the le atrium and the le ventricle, bicuspid valve.
Septum: paron or wall dividing a cavity, such as between right and le atria.
Systole: contracon phase of the heartbeat
Vena cava: largest vein in the body. Return blood to the right atrium.
Ventricle: one of the two lower chambers of the heart
Venule: small vein.
Phlebotomy: surgical opening of a vein (oen to withdrawal blood or introduce &uid)
Angioplasty: surgical repair or unblocking of a blood vessel
Pericardiocentesis: removal of &uid from a pericardial sac
Arteriography: process of recording (x-ray imaginig) of an artery
Aort/o: aorta
Arter/o, arteri/o: artery
Ather/o: yellowish plaque
Atri/o: atrium
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