MGMT 2130 Chapter Notes - Chapter 10: Job Satisfaction, Social Loafing, No Authority

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A small number of people with complementary skills who hold themselves mutually
accountable for pursuing a common purpose, achieving performance goals, and improving
work interdependent work processes
Work team
Advantages of teams
Businesses are able to increase customer satisfaction
Improved product and service quality; teams are held responsible for output and productivity
Increased job satisfaction; teams get a chance to improve their skills
Training team members to do all or most of the job performed by other team members
Team is able to view problems from multiple perspectives
Team is able to define problem better and in generating alternative solutions
Disadvantages of teams
Initially high turnover
Occurs when workers withhold their efforts and fail to perform their share of the work
Social loafing
When members of highly cohesive groups feel intense pressure not to disagree with one
another so that the group can approve a proposed solution
Only one or two people dominate the team discussion
Minority domination
Team members may not feel accountable for the decisions and actions taken by the team
There is a clear, engaging reason or purpose
The job can't be done unless people work together
Rewards can be provided for teamwork and team performance
Ample resources are available
Teams will have clear authority to manage and change how work gets done
Use teams when…
There isn't a clear engaging reason or purpose
The job can be done by people working independently
Rewards are provided for individual effort and performance
The necessary resources are not available
Management will continue to monitor and influence how work gets done
Don't use teams when..
Kinds of teams
Degree to which workers have the discretion, freedom, and independence to decide
how and when to do their work
By autonomy
A group composed of two or more people who work together to achieve a shared
1. traditional work groups
Chapter 10 - Leading Teams
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