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Chapter 6

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SLGY 1101
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Chapter 6 Double standard: The notion that women are supposed to feel or behave differently from men where sexual matters are concerned. Heteronormativity: The social institutions, practices, and norms that support an automatic assumption that other people are or should be heterosexual. Heterosexism: Abelief in the moral superiority of heterosexual institutions and practices. Heterosexuality: Asexual or romantic attraction to people of the opposite sex. Homophobia: An overt or covert hostility toward gay and lesbian people, sometimes stemming from an irrational fear or hatred of homosexuals. Homosexuality: Asexual or romantic attraction to people of the same sex; in males, called ‘homosexuality’and in females, ‘lesbianism’. Homosociality: Asocial preference for members of one’s own gender. Paraphilia: Any sexual deviation or departure from the norm. Pornography: The explicit description or exhibition of sexual activity in literature, films, or elsewhere, intended to stimulate erotic, rather than aesthetic, feelings. Prostitution: The provision of sexual services for reward, usually money. Sex: Both the biological characteristics that define a person as male or female and the act of sexual intercourse. Sexual infidelity: Sexual relations between a married (or cohabiting) person and someone other than his or her spouse. Sexuality: Feelings of sexual attraction and any behaviours related to them. Sexual scripts: The guidelines that describe socially acceptable ways of behaving when engaging in sexual activities. Sexuality is a product of social context Functionalists maintain prostitution actually promotes social cohesion Social structure is
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