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Chapter 5

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SLGY 1101
Dr P

Chapter 5 Double shift: Heavy daily workloads, both at the workplace and at home, that women are far more likely than men to experience. Gender: The expectations of behaviour or appearance that we describe as masculine or feminine; a set of social expectations. Glass ceiling: Any sex-based barrier to equal opportunity for hiring and promotion. Sex: The biological characteristics that make a person male or female; a biological fact at birth. Sexism: The perceived superiority of one sex (most often men) over the other (usually women) Sexual double standard: The expectation that women will feel or behave differently from men in sexual matters. We learn gender through socialization: parents, peers, schools, and the media provide instruction on how to properly acquire gender roles Women are more likely than men to experience sexism In liberal feminism, men and women are viewed as essentially the same According to Marxist feminism, women’s subordination is related to the advent of private property Post-modern feminism argues that there is no single source of gender inequality Radical feminism identifies patriarchy as the original source of gender inequality Socialist feminism is concerned with both capitalism and patriarchy Socialist feminism is particularly concerned with equity issues such as access to education, paid employment, and pay equity. Male control of women’s sexuality and reproductive capacity is a key issue associated with radical feminism Akey issue of social feminism is i
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