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Mount Allison University
MUSC 1101
Dr.Gary Tucker

Musical Space and TimeChapter 1The Complete Musician1PitchContourthe shape of a melody or its rise and fallTonal MusicWestern music written during the Baroque Classical and Romantic periods 16501900CommonPractice PeriodBaroque Classical and Romantic periods 16501900TonalityGravitational Centera single pitch the tonicBar Linesserve a special function in tonal music because notes directly after them are accentedMany changes in a short time span can be confusing to listeners so composers balance the new contrast and motion with the familiar similarity and stabilityLarge leaps attract our attention more when they occur on the downbeatTonic pitchthe Major or minor mode that the piece is based on the most important pitch in the piecePitcha tone that is generated by a vibrating bodyFrequencythe speed of the regularly recurring vibrations determines pitchPitch Classrefers to all pitches with the same letter nameoThere are 24 different pitch classes AbAABbBBCbCCoOctave equivalence is an axiomEnharmonically Equivalentpitches that sound the same but are notated differently oIn commonpractice music enharmonic equivalence is an axiomDiatonic CollectionScalea sevennote collection in which each letter is used onceoHeptatonic scaleseven different notesoThis is a non symmetrical way to divide the octaveTonalitypitches are hierarchically arranged in a diatonic and one pitch stronger and more stable than the othersDegrees of the scaleoTonicoSupertonicoMediantoSubdominantoDominantoSubmediantoLeading Toneone step below the tonicSubtonica lowered seventh scale degree oTonicOctaveWhole Tone scale is symmetricalModesMajor and minor are modes
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