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Law and Society
LWSO 2000
Robynn Arnold

Various Modules and Notes Dan Kalbhenn LWSO 2000 April/15/13 Grade: 88 % Pettkus v. Becker, [1980] 2 S.C.R. 834. Date: 1980-12-18 The Supreme Court Case Pettkus v. Becker acknowledges that at no time was whether the Appellant or the Respondent within a matrimonious relationship. As of such, the explicit and express establishment of trust that such acts committed by either party were not by free grace but by fact of some mutual implied covenant between the parties. Thus an assertion of merit must found lawfully just and the Appellant invoking a violation of faith. In the establishment of a constructive trust the relationship between the parties concerning the management of their consolidated wealth as a shared resource among an equal partnership remains “wholly ambiguous”; reasons for which derive from the “Uncommited” nature of Mr. Pettkus in his relationship with Miss Becker. However remains Mr. Pettkus unjust enrichment from his ability to save came at the expense of Miss. Becker, who in turn believed she held some share of the property. As well as working for little to no pay during the nineteen years of the relationship as testament to her presumption of the aforementioned. The relationship, spousal in nature, would be duly known to Mr.Pettkus and upon its termination gave unfair recompense thus committing an act of unjust enrichment. The ruling was very much a just one as the case was not purely decided on the likeness towards spousal relationships but rather its focus relied on the inherent contract and unjust enrichment. That being said the constructive trusts inference one tantamount to matrimony law and as such should follow like laws. Regarding the statements of Martland and Beetz JJ “to impose on a party the obligations of a trustee in respect to property for the benefit of another” perhaps is
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