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PHIL 1200
Suma Rajiva

Discourse on Methods and Meditations on First Philosophy: Descartes, R Dan Kalbhenn Philosophy 1200 April/15/13 Grade: 78 % [The following is a compendium of read material, class lecture and personal opinion. Those who use these notes should do so with caution, as the following might stray from core course discussion and concepts.] Understanding that Descartes is a sceptic of all truth, a solid foundation is needed in order proceed in the task of proving the validity of further truths. This is found within Archimedean point or “I think therefore I am”( Descartes 67), in which he reasons as truth in meditations two; from the point of inward proof he believes he can now proceed in trying to understand if anything has validity in the external reality. The existence of the minds ability to deduce falsity, he questions if the mind produces truth or is everything but fabrications of the mind, acting as “deceiver” (Descartes 80) In ascertaining his Archimedean point, Descartes aims to move outward in to external reality, in order to prove an existence in which he has no idea exists. However he has a semblance in order of how he might be able to perform such a task, for he believes there are qualities that cannot be merely fabrication of his mind and as such must come from some external source. In the matter of judgements where if solely based on the subjective perception of the individual “they could hardly give *me+ any subject for err” ( Descartes 72) and as such must rely on some external ideas in which the individual is subjected to. The perspective is qualities in which the cogito is asserting onto the object and what goes on without the individuals knowing i.e. light is bright, the light has a frequency of 60hz; in asserting that outside forces do effect and exist beyond the subjective perspective of the individual and writes Descartes “contain within them more objective reality than those that represent”.( Descartes 73) Even though he has yet to prove that these ideas are not merely a manifest of his reality he sees no inequality between th
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