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Chapter 5

SCTM 2B09 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Flexural Strength, Stress Concentration, Ultimate Tensile Strength

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Yasaman Delaviz

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Introduction to Material Science SCTM 2008
Wandy Cheng
Lecture 5- Ceramics
Ceramics= somewhat limited in applicability by their mechanical properties
< metals
Catastrophic fracture with very little energy absorption
Not assessed the same way as metal
- di&cult to prepare and test specimens having required geometry
- di&cult to grip brittle materials without fracturing them
- ceramics fail easily
stress = specimen thickness, bending moment and the moment of inertia of
cross section
maximum tensile strength exists right at the bottom directly below the point
of load application
+exural strength  +exural test
linear relationships between stress and strain
moduli of elasticity = higher than metals
residual porosity has a deleterious in+uence on elastic properties and
strength, causing harm/ damages because pore reduce the cross sectional
area across with a load is applied
acts as stress concentrators
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