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Chapter 12, page 292 - 317

ANTH 100 Chapter 12, page 292 - 317: Key Terms and Definitions

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University of British Columbia - Okanagan
ANTH 100
R.Robin Dods

Chapter 12. Inequality in the Contemporary World (Key Terms) 1. Stratified Societies: societies where there is a permanent hierarchy that allows some members privileged access to wealth, power and prestige 2. Class: a ranked group within a hierarchically stratified society whose membership is defined primarily in terms of wealth, occupation, and/or access to power 3. Caste: a ranked group within a socially stratified society that is closed, prohibited individuals from moving from one caste into another 4. Race: a broad human population category that allegedly matches to distinct, heritable sets of biological attributes and often conflates geographic ancestry and physical type 5. Ethnicity: a social classification based on a common cultural heritage and selected cultural features such as language, religion, or dress 6. Nationality: a sense of identification with and loyalty to a nation-state, defined by citizenship, in a geopolitical sovereign state Class 7. Client: the part of lower status in a cleintage 8. Clientage: institution linking individuals from upper and lower levels in a stratified society 9. Patron: the part of higher status in a clientage Caste 10.Varna: refers to traditional social ranks that divide Indian society into 4 functional subdivisions: priests, nobility (rulers and warriors), commoners (farmers and merchants, and labourers/servants 11.Jāti: refers to a localized, named, endogamous group Race 12.Racialism: the belief in the existence of biological distinct races 13.Racism: systematic oppression of members of ≥ 1 socially defined “races” by members
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