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Chapter 20

ANAT 100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 20: Superior Epigastric Artery, Inferior Epigastric Artery, Posterior Intercostal Veins

Anatomy and Cell Biology
Course Code
ANAT 100
Leslie W Mac Kenzie

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- So with the flow towards the thoracic and abdominal walls from the heart
- First there’s the left ad right iteral thorai arteries that sed lood to
the anterior thoracic wall and mammary gland that have a bunch of
branches that come from them such as the 6 anterior intercostal arteries
and the musculophrenic artery that divides into anterior intercostal
- So the internal thoracic artery becomes the superior epigastric artery which
isnt actually shown on this slide but it would be shown on the right upper
side of the body near the right kidney and it sends the blood to the superior
abdominal wall.
- But at the bottom right of the red diagram, you can see the large external
iliac artery which branches into the inferior epigastric artery that would be
seen branching up from the common iliac area in the diagram which sends
blood to the inferior abdominal wall.
- The ear the thora there’s the left ad right ostoerial truks ith
the supreme intercostal artery branching from it and then the 2 poserterior
intercostal arteries branching from that! and thyrocervical trunks.
- The last of the arteries for this part ill talk about since it will take a while to
talk about all of them is the lumbar arteries which you can see in this
diagram branching off of the abdominal aorta which reaches back to the
posterolateral abdominal wall.
- But ait there’s ore! No e hae the ai eis the rig the oge-
poor blood from this area back to the heart which is a bit more detailed so
ill just stick to the basics.
- The lumbar veins and posterior intercostal veins flow into the azygos veins
which drain the right side veins while the hemiazygos veins drain the left
side veins in the body.
- Lastly, the azygos vein connects to the superior vena cava which directly
brings the blood right back to the heart.
- Also just to quickly add, the lungs use the bronchial arteries and veins to
get blood, the esophagus uses small esophageal arteries and veins and the
diaphragm uses the superior phrenic arteries and the phrenic veins that
connect to the vena cava.
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