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Chapter 12.3

BCHM 316 Chapter Notes - Chapter 12.3: Cholesteryl Ester, Lipoprotein Lipase, Chylomicron

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BCHM 316
Glenville Jones

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Chylomicron: vehicle for dietary fat
Chylomicron formation
- Almost all triglycerides - also has phospholipids, proteins, free cholesterol
- 85% triglyceride
- Has the most
1. Triglycerols (85)
2. Phospholipids (9)
3. Cholesteryl esters (3)
4. Protein (2)
5. Free cholesterol (1)
- Chylomicron diameter: 50 -200 nm
- Centre/Core: Triglycerides and cholesteryl esters
- Outside: phospholipid shell (mono-layer), cholesterol, and postage stamp
- Apo-cII key protein, activates lipoprotein lipases, identifies
Very-low density lipoprotein: vehicle for liver-made fat
- 60% TG, similar to chylomicron
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- Has more cholesteryl esters, more phospholipids, more free cholesterol and
- Nearly identical structure: core of triglycerides and cholesteryl esters; outer
monolayer of phospholipids , also has apo-cII (recognition apolipoprotein
that activates lipoprotein lipase)
- In order of abundance
- Triglycerides - C
- Phospholipids -O
- Cholesteryl esters - C
- Protein - O
- Free cholesterol -O
Comparison of Cholesterol and
Cholesteryl Ester
Cholesterol: has steroid nucleus, lipid -
soluble, has a polar-head group (not
ionized-always -OH)
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