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Chapter 10

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BIOL 102
Wayne Snedden

Chapter 10 Nucleic Acid Stucture and DNA Replication o List the four key criteria that the genetic material must fulfill Information the genetic material must contain the information necessary to construct an entire organism Transmission The genetic material must be passed from parent to offspring It also must be passed from cell to cell during cell division Replication For transmission to occur the genetic material must be accurately copied Variation Differences in the genetic material must account for the known variation within each species and among different specieso Describe and interpret the results of the experiments that identified DNA as the genetic materialWeismann and Nageli identified the chromosome as the clue to cell division and production of daughter cellsGriffith experimented with bacteria and their effect on mice in the lab He determined that come genes can be altered by mutated strands o Used spneumoniaewith polysaccharide capsule it was fatal to mice bc it protected from immune responsethe other control was without the capsule o They injected live heat killed into mice o Pathogenicityability to cause disease in a host cell o When killed capsule bacteria was mixed with live uncapsuled the mouse died o This inferred that the substance from the capsule bacteria transformed o Discovered that some hereditary material could be passed between bacterial cells principle of transformationHershey and Chase experimented with bacteriophage and expanded on Avery MacLeod and McCartys theory that DNA is indeed the genetic material
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