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BIOL 102
Wayne Snedden

2013-12-05 14.2 Mitotic Cell Division Q: What is mitotic cell division? - Mitotic cell division is when a cell divides into two cells that are genetically identical to each other. - The original cell is called the mother cell and the new cells are called the daughter cells. Q: What are the two purposes of mitotic cell division? 1) Asexual reproduction – is used for a cell to increase in numbers; asexual reproduction is when a singled-celled organism undergoes mitotic cell division that produces two cells from the original mother cell. 2) Production and maintenance of multicellularity Q: Explain the structure and function of the mitotic spindle. The mitotic spindle is made up spindle microtubules (which are made by the protein called tubulin) that originate from the centrosomes. There are three spindle microtubules: (1) Astral microtubules – microtubules that extend away from nucleus and they are responsible for the positioning of the spindle apparatus (2) Polar microtubules – move across the regions where it is defined by the MTOC (microtubule organizing center) poles and overlap with the microtubules from the opposite poles (3) Kinetochore microtubules – responsible for the movement of chromosomes to the opposite sides of the ce
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