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Chapter 16

BIOL 102 Chapter Notes - Chapter 16: Semiconservative Replication, Dna Replication, Dna Virus

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BIOL 102
Dr. W.A. Snedden

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Chapter 16
- One strand binds to complementary strand
- Two strands run in antiparallel direction
- Semiconservative replication- each DNA double helix is half old DNA (template) and
half new DNA
- Virus- DNA enclosed by a protein coat
o Infects a cell and takes over its machinery to produce more viruses
- Purine- adenine and guanine
- Pyrimidine- cytosine and thymine
- A and T, G and C
- Histones- responsible for the first level of DNA packing into chromatin
- Nucleosome- bead of many histones
- Heterochromatin- irregular clumps of chromatin
- Euchromatin- less compacted, more dispersed
DNA Replication
- Bubble is formed where DNA goes from double strand to single strand
- DNA is replicated using both strands as a template
- DNA grows in 5-prime to 3-prime direction
- Replication fork- y-shaped region at end
of replication bubble where DNA strands
are elongating
- Replication proceeds from both
directions from each fork and
independent pieces are then joined
- Helicase- untwist double helix at
replication forks
- Single-strand binding proteins- keeps unpaired DNA from re-pairing
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