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Queen's University
BIOL 103
Virginia K Walker

BIOL103 WEEK 1: CHAPTER 39, 40, 47 Food vacuoles in a paramecium= intracellular digestion (digestion within the organism) -->found in heterotrophs Extracellular Digestion: -further digested intracellularly -anus also serves as mouth HOMEWORK: organs + f'ns of digestive system -alimentary canal (separate openings at both ends) isn't as efficient as duo-opening tube (especially for plant material) -cellulose hydrolyzed by cellulase; broken down into simple sugars --> only some organisms have genes that encode cellulase -cecum (in equine mammals) houses protozoa and bacteria that produces cellulase--> symbiotic relationship --> horse poo very fibrous, not all of the sugars absorbed, but expelled -eg. rabbits have advantage: night feces--> poos in the night, wakes up in the morning and eats the poo to take up any undigested sugars--> to efficiently extract as much nutrients as possible from it HOMEWORK: READ pg. 917 about RUMINANTS -->very efficient in breaking down nutrients polysaccharides Cows have been bred to produce a lot of MILK, which are high in proteins met leu lys-->cow needs these in diet-->farmers need to supplement diet for these proteins-->genetically engineered rumen bacteria produce proteins high in these a.acids (through gene inserted into plasmid, inserted into rumen bacteria -saliva serves to lubricate food, start digestion, and for immunity -1 L of saliva produced a day -amylase: starch-->ma
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