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Evolutionary Arms Race Notes

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Queen's University
BIOL 103
Daniel Lefebvre

Evolutionary Arms RaceIn Russian prisons a new microbe has developed which is resistant to the strongest antibioticsIt is now spreading from Russia to other countriesWestern Oregon is home to poisonous rough skinned newt It can paralyze victims in minutesshut down organ is just hoursJust a pin prick of the poison is fatal to humansEnough skin toxin to kill mice or people poisonous to eat itWhy is it so much more toxic than necessaryThe common garter snake is abundant in this area it is driving the evolution of the newts it can resist the toxinThe toxin can slow down the snake or they are immobilized after eating the newtThe more resistant a snake is the smaller the cost of eating the toxinTradeoff between speedresistance level Predator evolving to preyprey evolving to predatorEvolution is driven not just by physical forces but also by biological forcesMicroorganisms are the biggest predators for humans penicillin kills some microbes the microbes are still evolving to be resistant to our drugsTuburculosis has become antibiotic resistant in Russian prisons prisoners are very susceptible because they have weakened immune systems due to alcohol intake smokingstressMicrobes evolve most often when you begin treatment but do not finish it you leave behind only the strongest bacteriaIt is now
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