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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Textbook Notes

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Queen's University
BIOL 103
Daniel Lefebvre

Chapter 1 Characteristics common to all forms of life oCellsorganizationoEnergy usemetabolismoResponse to environmental changesoRegulationhomeostasisoGrowthdevelopmentoReproductionoBiological evolution All organisms readinterpret DNA with the same mechanismsLife began with a singlecelled organism billions of years ago it evolved to become all the different species we know todayEvolution comes from genetic changes passed on to offspringexchanging genes with other species horizontal gene transferEvolution accumulation of inherited changes in populations over time leads to related species Natural selection is the dominant mechanism for evolution but not the onlyIt means that certain animals are less likely to survive and reproduce in a particular environmentNature selects certain individuals with certain traits and they get to survivereproduceLeads to adaptation Fitness An individuals ability to survivereproduce relative to others in their populationPopulation group of individuals of one species living in one geographic areasharing a gene pool can interbreed with one anotherSpecies group of populations composed of organisms with a common ancestry sharing similar functions behaviours and are able to interbreed freely in natureCommunity a group of species that live together and interact in a given areaEcosystem interactive system composed of 1 communitiesthe physical abiotic environmentBiosphere all of Earths ecosystemsEvolution by natural selection DarwinWallace There is a variation in phenotype within a population high reproductive potential so the populations increase individuals compete for limited resources offspring with higher fitness have phenotypes that match the current environment so theyre more likely to surviveThe variation that is beneficial must also be heritable so that they can pass it on to offspring A large evolutionary change takes many changes to accumulate over thousands of generations Note individuals dont evolve populations do
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