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Chapter 4


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BIOL 205
Ian D Chin- Sang

4.3 Mapping with Molecular Markers Molecular heterozygote: different base pair at particular position on one chromatid than the other When this variance is not linked to a particular phenotype, its called silent variation Loci of molecular heterozygosity= molecular markers; act as mile stones on the map --> use to isolate genes of interest --> most commonly used are single nucleotide polymorphisms and simple sequence length polymorphisms Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPS): 1. Silent SNPS in genes- no apparent effect oh phenotype; can be useful as tags for certain alleles 2. One SNP allele causes a mutant phenotype showing single-gene inheretance; w/in pretein encoding sequence, one allele of SNP knocks out or alters gene function= discrete phenotype ie PKU or Tay sachs ; also used as tag 3. In polygenes (QTLS)- useful in discovering polygenes that contribute to a phenotype showing continuous variation 4. Intergenic SNPS- no measurable phenotypic effect; usedful as milestones 5. RFLPs- restriction fragment length polymorphisms= SNPs at restriction enzyme target site where there are 2 RFLP alleles, one has target one does not Can be mapped using sothern blot: see diagram 4-15 pg 148 Mapping by using SNP haplotypes Combinations of SNPS can be used to deduce linkage aswell as individual SNPS Haplotype: chromosomal segment defined by specific aray of SNP allels that it carries --> inhereited through generations as blo
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