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Classical Studies
CLST 100
Christina Zaccagnino

Revenge  Acting just for the sake of revenge was frowned upon in the Greek society  Friends= Philoi  Enemies= Ekhthroi not enemies in war, just enemies in general  Friends were mainly among relatives or neighbours; people there was daily contact with; however, there were cases of enemies within families  Blood ties were not as important as faction (party they supported)  Examples of enemies in the family are given in mythology. They are the stories of Medeia from Aia in Colchis, Jason from Iolchus, and the Arganauts  Medeia is a witch; and the niece of another witch; her father was the king of Colchis  Jason was from Iolchus and his father was the king of Iolchus, but his uncle Pelias overthrew him and stole the power. Jason was sent away as a kid and grew up far from this area. o After 20 years had gone by he wanted to get revenge in honour of his father, and wanted his reign back o The uncle realized he would have to get rid of Jason, as a prophesy had told him an individual would come to him with only one sandal on his foot, and this person would overthrow him o His uncle told him he would return the reign if Jason was able to bring back to him the golden fleece which was in Colchis o With the help of Athena, they built a ship named Argonth o The fleece was under the protection of a dragon, so one would have to fight the dragon to get the fleece
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