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Chapter 2

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Classical Studies
CLST 129

Chapter Two April-23-13 8:12 PM  Artifacts: objects used, modified or made by people  Ecofacts: organic and environmental remains  Typology: Pictoral decoration on pot surface could help to form or be related to a sequence of design styles and tell us something about ancient beliefs, particularly if it shows depictions of gods or other figures  Artifacts can include all humanly modified components of a landscape such as hearths, post- holes and storage pits- these non portable artifacts are better described as features  Formation process: May affect the way in which finds came to be buried and what happened to them after they were buried o Study of this process is called taphonomy  Cultural formation process: the deliberated or accidental activities of humans as they make/ use artifacts, build/ abandon buildings, plow fields ect.  Natu
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