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Chapter 7

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Classical Studies
CLST 200

Chapter 7 Archaic Athens: Crisis and Reform  Earliest Athens o Attica  Covers approximately one thousand square miles  Divided by mountains into three plains  Pedia: including Athens  Central Mesogeia  Coastal plains of Thriasia th o By 5 century Attica was politically unified  All male citizens enjoyed equal status  Outlying towns not restive under Athenian control nor did they have inferior status  Synoikism dated to a period around 700  At the head of an aristocratic society was the usual basileus or king  Later joined or replaced by an official called an archon o At first ruled for life, then ten years, then annually  Perhaps in 682 when official list of annual archons begins o Archon Basileus  Mainly ritual functions inherited from the early Basileus o Archon Eponymous  Gave his name to the year and was the effective head of state o Archon Polemarch  Army commander o 6 more officials known as Archon thesmothetes  Act as recorders of judicial decisions and as court officials  Council of the Areopagus  Broad but ill-defined powers  Only members of the aristocratic familes know as Eupatrids (Well-born) were eligible for archonship or the council.  Citizen body was distribut
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