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Chapter 6-8

CLST 203 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6-8: Chryses, Homeric Hymns, Atreus

Classical Studies
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CLST 203
Graeme Ward

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Readings for Feb 2nd and Feb 6th
6-7: Achilles and Agamemnon
- Atreus and Achilles argues. Apollo sent plague to Atreus because he dishonoured Chryses
- Chryses may gods let you win war, please release my daughter and accept ransom
- Agamemnon said no and to leave. Chryses left and prayed to Apollo. Apollo answered and shot
arrows at Greeks
- Achilles stand up. Tells Atreus they should leave and figure out why Apollo is mad
- Thestor then spoke: tells them why and that Agamemnon must return girl and make holy sacrifice to
Chrses Agaeo sas he’ll retur her
105-6: Acteon and Diana
- Diana (Artemis) baths in water with nymphs
- Acteon wanders through the woods and encounters them. Nymphs scream, and tried to cover Diana
- Arteis did’t hae a o so through ater at him, turning him into a deer
- He did’t ko here to go. His dogs foud hi, ut did’t ko it as Ateo, so killed/ate hi
109-111: Niobe
- Would oast aout husad’s skills ad hildre. Does’t thik she’s iferior to gods
- Is told to worship Latona. She instead insults her. Latona angry so sends her children after Niobe and
her children
- First child killed by arrow in chest
- Another: hit in throat by sharp object
- Husband kills himself
- All children eventually killed except one. Niobe begged for child to live, but Latona killed her
- Satr, plaed flute i rialr agaist Apollo’s lre.
- Lost, life was forfeited
- Skin ripped off his body
- Brothers, nymphs, gods, and goddesses mourned
- Tears source of Marysas river
145-8: Homeric Hymns to Apollo
- Delian Apollo
Son of Zeus and Leto, is an archer. Gods fear and worship him
Bore to by joy of men as Leto rested in Delos in labour
No one weanted to help, so told Delos that if help was given, no other city will ever attack them
Labour was 9 days and 9 nights. With her was Dione, Rhoa, Ichnaea, Themis, Amphrite, and
other goddesses except Hera.
Eilithyia, goddess of childbirth, did not know of labour because of Hera, so Leto sent Iris to get
When Eilithyia arrved, birth began
Themis poured nectar and ambrosia on Apollo
- Pythian Apollo
Goes to Pyth with lyre, then Crisa where temple is built
Nearby killed she-dragon, Typhoeus, which Hera bore out of anger at Zeus for bearing Athena
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