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Chapter 13

COMM 131 Chapter Notes - Chapter 13: Sales Promotion, Personal Selling, Tim Hortons

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COMM 131
Jacob Brower

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Chapter 13: Personal Selling and Sales Promotion
March 5, 2013
Personal Selling
Nature of Personal Selling
- Personal Selling: personal presentation by the firm’s sales force for the purpose of
making sales and building customer relationships
- Salespeople, sales representatives, sales consultants, agents, etc.
- Salespeople listen to their customers, assess their needs, and organize the company’s
efforts to solve customer problems
- Salesperson: an individual representing a company to customers by prospective,
communicating, selling, servicing, information gathering, and relationship building
Role of the Sales Force
- Personal selling involves interpersonal interactions between salespeople and individual
customers (face to face, phone, email, etc.)
- Personal selling can be more effective as salespeople can persuade customers
- Sales force typically plays a major role in the company
Linking the Company With its Customers
- Sales force links company to customers
- Sales force represents company to the customers (develop new customers,
communicate information, sell products, answer questions, negotiate, and
provide customer service)
- Sales force represents customers to the company (manage the buyer-seller
relationship, act as experts on customer needs, relay customer concerns)
Coordinating Marketing and Sales
- Marketing and sales should work together to jointly create value for customers
- Actions to help bring marketing and sales functions closer:
Increase Communications arrange joint meetings
Create Joint Assignments opportunities for each to work together
Create Joint Objectives and Reward Systems
Appoint Marketing-Sales Liaisons people from marketing who work
with the sales force
Appoint Chief Revenue Officer high-level marketing executive who
oversees both marketing and sales
Sales Promotion
- Sales Promotion: short-term incentives to encourage the purchase or sale of a product
- Offer reasons to buy now
- Time sensitive, must be planned well in advance
- Often used with other marketing communications
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