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Chapter 13

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COMM 131
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Chapter 13: Personal Selling and Sales Promotion Personal Selling The Nature of Personal Selling  Personal selling is a personal presentation by the firm’s sales force for the purpose of making sales and building customer relationships  They add value for customers by listening to them, assessing their needs, and organizing the company’s efforts to solve customer problems o They create loyalty and customers because people trust them and want to work with them because they put the client’s interests first  A salesperson is an individual representing a company to customers by performing or more of the following activities: prospecting, communicating, selling, servicing, information gathering, and relationship building The Role of the Sales Force  Personal selling involves interpersonal interactions between customers and salespeople  It can be more effective than advertising in more complex situations/with big ticket items  Salespeople can probe customers to learn more about their problems and the adjust the marketing offer and presentation to fit the special needs of each customer Linking the Company with Its Customers  Salespeople represent the company to customers o They find & develop new customers & communicate info about company’s p/s o They sell products by approaching new customers, presenting their offerings, answering objections, negotiating prices and terms, and close sales  Salespeople represent customers to company  customers become loyal to salespeople o They act in best interests of the customer and manage the buyer-seller relationship o Relay customer concerns to the insiders that handle those product areas o Learn customer’s needs & work w. ppl in the org to create greater customer value Coordinating Marketing and Sales  Ideally, the sales force and other marketing functions should work closely together to jointly create value for customers and the company  however most companies don’t o The separated marketing and sales functions often don’t get along  To bring these two departments together, the company can… o Increase communications – arrange joint meetings for the groups to communicate o Create joint assignments to force the marketers and salespeople to work together and make them more familiar with each other’s way of thinking and acting o Create joint objectives and reward systems o Appoint marketing-sales liaison – people from marketing who “live with the sales force” and help coordinate marketing and sales force programs and efforts o Appoint a chief revenue officer – a high-level marketing executive who oversees both marketing and sales to infuse the two functions with a common goal Sales Promotion  Sales promotion consists of short-term incentives to encourage purchase or sales of a p/s o It offers customers reasons to buy the product now, not later  Sales promotions are typically time sensitive and must be planned well in advance and are often used in conjunction with other forms of marketing communications Rapid Growth of Sales Promotions  Sales promos used by most organizations including manufacturers, distributers, retailers... o Target is: consumers (consumer promos), retailers/wholesalers (trade promos), bus. customers (business promos), & members of sales force (sales force promos)  Factors that contributed to the rapid growth of sales promotions o Product managers face greater pressures to increase their current sales and this is an effective short-run sales tool o The company faces more competition & competing brands are less differentiated and competitors are using sales promotions to try and differentiate themselves o Advertising efficiency has declined due to rising costs, media clutter, etc. o Consumers have become more deal oriented, demanding lower prices/better deals  The growing use of this has led to promotion clutter so now the promotion runs the risk of being lost in the sea of other promotions  weakened ability to induce purchases Sales Promotion Objectives  Objectives of consumer promotions, trade promotions, and sales force in definitions of their respective sections under “Major Marketing Tools”  Sales
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