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Week 8 Notes

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Queen's University
COMM 151
Christopher Miners

Week 8 Notes - Group Decision Making Why Use Groups? – Assumptions  They’re more vigilant with more people scanning the environment  More generation of ideas, and different perspectives  Better evaluation of ideas extreme ideas should be offset by the rest of the group  People are more accepting of decisions they took part in and more committed to it  Diffusion of Responsibility: ability of group members to share the blame, or pass it off to someone else Groups Make Higher Quality Decisions  Generally outperform individuals, if: o There’s a diverse skill set (non-conflicting) o Division of labour o Historical data properly used o Individual judgement combined and weighted according to expertise Disadvantages  Time: discussion, debate, and coordination is a lengthy process with many individuals  Conflict: when personal motives are involved the best overall decision, may not be chosen  Domination: defeats the purpose of group decision making, low acceptance  Groupthink: capacity for group pressure to damage the mental efficiency, reality testing, and moral judgement of decision-making groups  Syndromes of groupthink include: o Illusion of invulnerability o Rationalization o Illusion of morality o Stereotypes of outsiders o Pressure for conformity o Self-censorship o Illusion of unanimity o Mindguards How do Groups Handle Risk?  Risky Shift: tendency for groups to advocate riskier decisions than the average risk level chosen by indiv
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