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COMM 151
Bill Cooper

March 15 readings Topic: Ethics The Inness Company Case -four major brands of cosmetics, product managers report to brand managers -performance reviews occur every 3 months and reflect salary -Lee wants to trade weekend work for longer vacation time, however the brand manager says this is not possible as this would upset the vacation benefits structure, but is assured that the structure will be reviewed -Lee is going to be given her performance review, she is very talented but sometimes reluctant to give help to other teams, and she gives complaints and voices opinions, her group bends the rules and there are rumors about favoritism as she is not punished for her actions -Chris finds out that Lee has booked a vacation on the expense of the company, lying saying she was attending a convention, now unsure what to do as he found this information while snooping Where Asbestos is just a fact of life -it is a very dangerous place, many people die from lung cancer and other respiratory diseases due to asbestos exposure -there still remains mines in quebec, and they are defended by saying car accidents are more dangerous than the mines -asbestos is everywhere, in everything, but the dust and its dangers is just a fact of life for the people who live around it. -now that people are more aware of the problem, after surrounding themselves with it, they are now trying to get ride of it but they also have the problem of the Canadian asbestos that is now all over the world -It is possible they were aware of the dangers since 1930 but concealed the knowledge -Canada is on its way to banning asbestos exports, it is a small industry. -In india, there are no precausions taken to protect workers. They do not even know it is dangerous, and they all begin to die. Canadas affiliation with this is extremely damaging to its reputation Ethical Conflicts at Enron -Eron was using its own stock to directly generate a gain or avoid a loss on its income statement. One of the worst accounting frauds hed ever seen -The top guy at the company did not accept his claims. Eron then went into bankruptcy. No one took him seriously, no one backed him up -Justice will prevail because he wrote those memos the company can pick and chose which accounting rules o follow, therefore must truly reform and change the accounting system that will be more principle based instead of rules base
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