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COMM 151
Bill Cooper

hhjuyuCOMM 151 March 5 th Topic: Job Design Treating patients faster but safetly… -too little time for knee surgeons, too high demand. New regime, instead of in one room, patients shuttled from 2 rooms. Like an assembly line, repetitive process every time however it produces quality and less waste, less time, less variation Butchered -Maple Leaf Factory. Only 3 percent of the pigs go to waste, everything is used -Increasingly competitive, must build to scale to get cost efficiencies + competitive advantages. Built a pork powerhouse, location is key, size is key -Also cut costs by cutting wages which was fought aggressively. Workers are not happy, they are leaving -Job is repetitive, it is dangerous -Getting immigrant workers to do the work as they will for the lower wage. Extremely high turnover rate, everyone gets injured as it is so fast paced, profits are tumbling they pay millions to train employees only to have them leave Unreliabile supply of pigs problem Turnover problem: how to use Cialdini to reduce the turnover problem? Foot in the door technique, start off slow and then built them into it. Reciprocity, by staying you get increased pay or getting perfect attendance. Getting commitment through tying them down, offering them permanent residency. Scientific Management -employees don’t work hard to do the largest possible amount of work at the best quality for their employers, instead they work as slowly as they dare while making others believe they are working fast -must give special incentives. Workers give their best initiative for the incentive “initiative for incentive” management -scientific management is different, different way to achieve initiative. Managers hold most of the knowledge and reduce the workers work to laws, formula and rules. They develop a science, they select and train, teach and develop workers, they cooperate with the workers and there is equal division of work and responsibility between management and the workers. This means managers take part in the workmens work as well -workmens work will be fully planned out for him atleast a day in advance, must be completed in a certain time and if it is, add to wages -pig handler: carefully selected, trained, guided by the exact science of pig h
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